Educational Seminars/Workshops

We provide Educational Seminars/Workshops that reflect our commitment to educating and informing business owners about all aspects of Exit Planning. In 45-90 minutes (or in a workshop), topic choices can range from the following:      

  • Exit Planning: How To. A Guide to the Process:  An overview of the Seven Step Process™ we use to help owners develop purposeful exit plans. Steps include: identifying succession objectives, company valuation, preserving and promoting value, transitioning to outside buyers, transitioning to inside buyers, contingency planning and finally estate plans. The presentation touches on each aspect mentioned and provides suggestions/observations on each.
  • Internal Transitions: Can They Work? Many businesses transition to internal buyers, i.e... co-owners, key employee groups and/or family members. The reality is that rarely do these parties come to the table with much capital to invest. In addition, most strategies benefit their "silent partner”, the IRS, as much as the departing owners. Learn strategies that you can use to facilitate internal transitions and still receive maximum value upon departure.
  • Key Employee's Incentive Plans: How do you identify key employees? Why are they important? What are five key ingredients to designing effective incentive/retention plans? Should plans involve stock incentives, cash incentives or both? Learn what Non Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans, Phantom Stock and Stock Appreciation Rights Plans are and when to use them. What circumstances make one better than the other? What are the various tax implications for the company and the executive under each plan type? When and where are non compete agreements appropriate. 
  • Family Transitions: A Recipe For Success. What unique issues/techniques are necessary to minimize taxes, obtain fair market value and treat everyone equally. Without proper planning Family transitions are typically a “recipe for disaster”. Where do charitable intentions fit into the plan? Learn ways to avoid common mistakes and live to tell about it!
  • Contingency Planning: Do You Have a Plan? Does your plan cover all of the potential “triggering” events for transition of ownership? What are the vital issues that need to be addressed including stock transfer, loss of financial resources and talent and loss of key employees and customers? Do these differ if you are a “sole owner”? Do you have a Buy Sell Agreement? Will the intended parties have the ability and capital necessary to assume leadership roles? Will your Key Employees stay during transition if not a part of the new ownership? Learn how to develop a purposeful, complete plan that addresses each of these issues and more.                
  • The Five Most Important Nuggets to Consider in Developing a Successful Exit Plan: With  30 years of experience in helping owners of privately held companies valued between $5M and $100M with succession planning, what 5 “nuggets” of wisdom I would share. For example, the benefit of discounting value when transitioning to inside buyers, implications of asset vs. stock sale to 3rd party buyers, developing your management team, why you must, etc.

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