Our Expertise

It is a principle of EPS, LLC that the needs and objectives of our clients are paramount and that they will be treated in a fair and ethical manner by the firm at all times. 

 Embedded in this principle are two facts:

  1.  Each client has important rights concerning the decisions which are made.
  2.  Each client has important responsibilities.

As a Client You Have the Right To:

Premier Service

  • To be treated as we would like to be treated.
  • To have prompt and courteous response to your questions and concerns as well as fair resolution to any issue that arises.
  • To know that being our client is more than just a business arrangement, it is an esteemed, long term, relationship.

Expectations and Disclosure

  • To be fully informed about all costs associated with our work together, before it is performed.
  • To expect the highest level of confidentiality in all information discussed and provided.
  • To expect the highest level of competence in every aspect of recommendations.
  • To be fully informed about all strategic decisions as they pertain to your plan.
  • To expect the highest level of professionalism in our work together.
  • To be advised of realistic expectations based on your actual financial situation.
  • To have your plan reviewed on a regular and timely basis.
  • To help with implementation on every aspect of your final plan. 

As a Client Your Responsibilities Are:

  • To communicate with us as necessary and as requested.
  • To provide accurate information about your business, financial, goals and risk tolerance.
  • To ask questions about recommendations, strategies, product access, potential conflicts of interest, costs and fees.
  • Notify us immediately if there is a change in your financial or personal situation that could impact your plan.