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Retirement Planning 

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                                         How We Work With Clients

Independence starts by sitting on your side of the table. Your interests are primary, while ours remain neutral. When we make recommendations we draw upon our extensive experience and access to knowledge from industry wide sources. Our strategic partnerships with other professional colleagues/firms provide us up to the minute access to changing landscape and planning techniques. 

Custom Solutions
Listening comes first, so that our ingenuity reflects your philosophy, your personality, your long term aspirations, your present realities. A deep understanding of your challenges combines with our detailed awareness of how to engineer effective solutions. To that we add our "back room" of the hundreds of partner firms across the country. With all this intellectual capital, the "have-we-thought-of-everything" question can be resolved with a few phone calls.

Responsive Service
We take the point position as client advocates - negotiating in your favor, watching your back. And through the power of partnership you can link not only to our own people and technology but to the people and technology of our financial institution strategic partners.

Practical Knowledge and Experience
We also apply the power of partnership to continually expand resources so you can respond effectively when today's solutions encounter tomorrow's changes - in your family, your business, your financial environment.