Welcome to EPS! 

The Professionals at Exit Planning Strategies, LLC specialize in helping business owners develop intentional ownership transition/succession plans. The company was founded to address the significant need for comprehensive, experienced guidance in helping business owners take control of their ownership transition plans. For most owners, the business has demanded a lifetime of effort.  As a result, it often represents a significant portion of the owner's Financial Net Worth. Planning for a successful transition is quite possibly the most significant financial event an owner will face. By starting well in advance of a desired departure date and surrounding oneself with the right knowledge and experience, the likelihood for success is great.

Our process is client centered and driven by each owner's unique set of circumstances and objectives. We utilize a comprehensive, multi disciplinary approach that often requires a team of professional advisor's to successfully design, collaborate and implement a chosen strategy. Our goal is to help owners develop a plan that allows for smooth transition, minimizes taxation and maximizes value upon departure. 

Please feel free to explore these pages and learn how we can help you achieve your goals! New clients are accepted by referral only.

-Dyanne Ross-Hanson, President /CEO