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The Most Important Value Driver of All. 

The Most Important Value Driver of All

Key employees are an indispensable component of any successful business. They are one of the most significant value drivers, designed to reduce “owner dependence”, and increase enterprise value. Which in turn, strengthens transfer-ability, independent of the exit strategy an owner ultimately designs.

Keeping these people, who keep you in business, can be easier said than done. Higher pay is not the only answer. Especially in today's competitive talent market. Add to that, restrictive economic and regulatory factors make it difficult to reward key contributors using traditional compensation and benefit strategies.

Key Employee Incentive/Retention Plans require unique design variables that when properly structured:

  • Are Completely Selective
  • No minimum/maximum annual contribution
  • Financed via increased profitability (win-win).
  • Minimal Reporting Required
  • Avoids Entitlement Mentality
  • Offer retention attributes
  • Avoids equity dilution if desired.
  • Offer tax benefits to Employer and Employee
  • Can be utilized to partially fund an Internal buy-in, if desired

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