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What We Believe

Client Centered
  • Business owners deserve financial freedom as a result of their life's work.
  • Transitioning ownership is likely the most significant financial event in an owner's lifetime. 
  • Planning for ownership transition takes time, 3-8 years in advance of departure.
  • Successful transitions begin with education.  
  • Successful exits are intentional, tax efficient and in written form.
  • Valuation is critical, to understand drivers that impact it positively and negatively. 
  • Key Employees are an essential ingredient to any “transferable” business. As such it behooves every owner to develop incentive plans to retain, reward and recruit those catalysts.
  • Every business deserves a Business Continuity Plan. That ensures the business can operate without the owner at the helm. 
  • Exit Planning requires a multi-disciplinary Advisory Team with "subject specific” knowledge to successfully develop.  

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