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Educational Session Topics

Exit Planning: A Guide to the Process

Every business owner will leave his/her company at some point, voluntarily or otherwise.  Most are so consumed working “in” their businesses they forget the need to work “on” their business’s Exit/Succession Plan. Transitioning ownership is generally the most significant financial event in a business owner’s life. And it takes years to prepare. This program will help educate owners on a proven process used to develop a written Exit Plan and highlight common mistakes to avoid.


  1. Discover a Seven Step Process™ needed to design a comprehensive Exit/Transition Plan.
  2. Identify the advantages of an experienced Advisory Team when executing an Exit/Transition Plan.   
  3. Explore issues surrounding valuation, tax minimization, value enhancement, challenges facing “internal” and “external” transitions, importance of having a “back-up” plan, and legacy/estate planning techniques.  


Key Employee’s Incentive/Retention Plans

Key employees are an essential ingredient to any successful business. They are also known within their industries and are often the subject of competitor recruiting efforts. How do owners encourage high-caliber talent to stay the course via a competitive compensation package? Learn the “how and why” of Key Employee Incentive/Retention Plans and how owners use them to effectively recruit, motivate and retain their key talent.


  1. Learn how business owners identify Key Employee’s. 
  2. Understand the five key ingredients to designing effective incentive/retention plans.
  3. Discover the difference between Cash vs. Stock based plans & appropriate planning considerations.


Internal Ownership Transitions: Can They Work?  

Many businesses transition to internal buyers, i.e. co-owners, key employee groups and or family members. The reality is that rarely do these parties come to the table with much capital to invest, if any. In addition, most strategies end up benefiting our “silent partner”, the IRS, as much as the departing owners. Learn strategies you can use to facilitate internal transitions and still receive maximum value upon departure.


  1. Learn why business owners choose an “internal transition”, over an outside sale.
  2. Discuss most common methods used to successfully transition to “insiders”.
  3. Understand the difference between a “Lifestyle” vs. “Transferable” business.  


Business Continuity Planning: Why and How 

As an owner, you plan your business’s growth/success and maybe even your plans for transitioning someday. But what happens if a “triggering event” forces ownership transition prematurely, i.e. disability or death. What are the vital issues that need to be addressed including stock transfer, loss of financial resources/talent and loss of key employees and customers?  


  1. Discover “the most important business document an owner will ever sign” -  A Buy Sell Agreement.  
  2. Understand unique planning characteristics of a “sole owner” scenario.
  3. Learn how to develop an intentional Continuity Plan that enables a smooth transition if the unexpected happens.  


Family Business Transitions: A Recipe for Success

Why do so many family ownership transitions fail? What unique issues/techniques are necessary to minimize taxes, obtain fair market value and treat everyone equally? Without proper planning Family transitions are typically a “recipe for disaster”. Learn ways to avoid common mistakes and live to tell about it!


  1. Identify the 3 Levels of Family Business Transitions.
  2. Understand the importance of tax minimization/valuation discounts when structuring a transition to family members.
  3. Learn why “Equal” is rarely “Fair” in family ownership transitions.