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Our experience with Dyanne Ross-Hanson and Exit Plan Strategies, LLC has proven extremely beneficial, to us personally and to our company. We were very fortunate that she was referred to us.

Dyanne helped us clarify our ownership transition objectives and then provided a comprehensive Business Ownership Transition Guide that addressed each of our goals with options/direction on achieving them.

She listened first. Then offered expertise regarding ownership transition strategies for our family business, key employee incentive/retention plans, business continuity and retirement income needs analysis. She provided valuable referrals to professionals within her network to complete our planning needs. These individuals were likewise, extremely knowledgeable, efficient and helped us to complete our Ownership Transition Plan. Dyanne developed and directed an Action Checklist for us and our Advisory Team to follow. It proved to be most helpful.

Dyanne is a very competent, kind individual. She is able to impart her knowledge as well as, seek out answers when necessary. She found professionals that were tailored to our needs. She turned a process that we were dreading into a positive experience. We are very thankful for her service and expertise.

N.G. - Wholesale Supply Company

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your help in my company’s ownership transition planning. I was impressed when you took what I thought was a complex problem (transition planning) and broke it down into a step by step Action Plan. I’m oversimplifying it when I state that you took my objectives and in a couple of days came up with a Plan on how I could achieve them all. That is exactly what happened.

During the implementation of our plan, you tapped into your vast network of professionals. You offered several choices for legal representation to complete all the company’s legal agreements. Your recommended choice was a great fit for me and my company.

It was truly a pleasure to work with you, Dyanne, during this critical phase of my life.

L. W. - Mechanical Contractor

Our firm has had the pleasure of working with Dyanne Ross-Hanson of Exit Planning Strategies, LLC for over 15 years. We have enjoyed working with Dyanne and have benefited from her professionalism and experience.

As we were developing a succession plan for the firm, Dyanne was instrumental in helping us design and implement a strategy to enhance our individual retirement security. In doing so, the Partners were able to develop an affordable Transition Plan for our internal successors.

Now some fifteen years later, as we begin to transition from our day to day involvement in the firm, her plan is helping to facilitate an orderly departure. It is working just as it was designed to do. Along with other financial initiatives, financial independence is achieved.

Dyanne applies a unique blend of technical knowledge and expertise, with a client centered approach to her work. We always felt she listened well, answered our questions and had our best interests in mind. We would highly recommend Dyanne to anyone considering her resource.

B. S. - Consulting Engineering Firm

Dyanne, thank you for the professional service you provided us on planning our Exit Strategy from the company. The process you undertook of evaluating various Exit Strategies (i.e. internal sale, ESOP, outside buyer, etc.), was extremely valuable in helping us to select the best path to maximize the value of the company. But your resource didn’t end there. You also looked at our personal overall financial pictures to accurately evaluate how much money we would need to comfortably retire. This was done in a manner that was easy to understand and not clouded by a financial adviser trying to push their products. Your independent counsel was very beneficial!

Your knowledge in Exit Strategies was extremely valuable. Since selling a company is something an owner only does once in a lifetime, we would highly recommend hiring a professional like yourself. Both to get the process started and to understand the different options. One thing you said, that is very true, is that it is never too early to start planning an exit strategy. Once you determine how you want to transition your company, implementing the plan takes a lot of time, often more than you think.

Finally, one of your most impressive qualities was your genuine interest in helping us to develop a transition plan for MH. Your service, knowledge and responsiveness were truly impressive. Thank you again!

A. H. - Heating & Air Conditioning Company

I want to thank you for helping me put together my Business Exit Plan. Your willingness to listen and understand my real needs was most impressive and I believe, key, to putting together a comprehensive plan/strategy.

You were flexible and kept us on track as we worked together to find the best solutions to meet my stated objectives. Your knowledge and professionalism were instrumental in getting us to “Mission Accomplished”. Thank you again for your valuable resource.

J. S. - Concrete Construction Company

As my partner and I began interviewing professional advisers to help us develop our Succession/ Exit Plan, I realized almost immediately that Dyanne and EPS, LLC was a perfect fit for us.

Her resource was comprehensive and complete. And her expertise and guidance, through the multiple considerations, helped make our decisions much easier.

Exit planning is a process and we thank you Dyanne, for keeping us on point and moving forward.

It was a pleasure working with you.

M. M. - Industrial Construction Company

Dyanne Ross-Hanson and Exit Planning Strategies, LLC, have advised our Company for over 20 years.

Dyanne provides excellent service and comprehensive understanding of financial tools and strategies, but what I like best about Dyanne is her integrity, her trustworthiness, her communication and her responsiveness. She understands what I am asking, even when I don’t. She explains things clearly and understandable, which helps in making good decisions. She is thorough in her research and proposes a variety of options for consideration, clearly explaining the pros and cons of each option. A trait that I truly appreciate is how promptly she responds. Dyanne’s follow through is unmatched.

Moreover, Dyanne is a good person and I enjoy working with her. I trust her advice and appreciate her professionalism. I have enthusiastically recommended Dyanne to business associates, family and friends and will continue to do so without hesitation.

C. M. - Industrial Supply Company

I wanted to let you know that I appreciated the chance to work with you. Your service and response time were great, your knowledge was unsurpassed, and you took the time to explain details/options like no one else we have worked with.

Our overall experience in working with you was second to none.

B. J. - Concrete & Masonry Company

Making plans for my husband and my future has been the single hardest thing I have ever done. Starting a business was full of youth, energy, and excitement.

Having met Dyanne Ross-Hanson 7 years ago, she helped guide us in looking at all the possibilities for a secure future. Dyanne let me take the lead as to when I was ready to pursue this critical planning issue. And it has been a journey, no different than starting the business. At the end of the day, the plan that we developed was unique to our business culture, as well as our individualized objectives. Our succession plan simply would not have happened, if not for Dyanne’s coaching and guidance. Without her resource/input, I would still be wondering if I was heading in the right direction.

Today I sleep at night knowing I am very clear about my future, as well as the company.

D. H. - Beauty Supply Company