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Dyanne led our Panel Discussion for the St. Thomas Family Business Center at an inaugural event, with 170+ people in the room. Not only did she manage three highly successful Family Business Owner’s personalities on the Panel, she conveyed a deep knowledge of ownership transition planning issues. She added valuable insights and thought-provoking questions for our family business owner’s, their family members and advisers, in the audience.

Dyanne is a true professional, can command a room, and even managed to infuse appropriate humor into the discussion. She connected very well with the audience and panelists. Feedback, following the event, was extremely positive. Much of which was attributable to Dyanne’s command.

Director: Family Business Center - University of St. Thomas


Dyanne's material was excellent! A very friendly interactive presentation. Great material and participants felt they would clearly utilize ideas discussed. 
She is very technically knowledgeable about tax laws, and the myriad of alternative design strategies available. And, she makes it entertaining with many stories & examples.

As the Chair, I appreciated her ability to operate On-Schedule. She created several “Ah-Ha's,” even for a Group of business owners who thinks they know “all-there-is-to know” about the subject.
Very good presentation style. Topic was on point and Dyanne was able to hold the attention of the group as she worked through a complex topic.
Very well versed and excellent presentation. Highly recommend.

Chair- Vistage Group CE 3234 - Mobile, AL


Great content…..very useful! This is a MUST for all Business Owners. “5-Star”!! 

Chair – Vistage CE 3912 -Boise, ID


Dyanne was very likable and easy to relate to. Her content was very useful but it was enhanced by her knowledge of the topic and her ability to relate to everyone in the audience. It was definitely great information and useful tools for us to use in our businesses.
Very applicable material regardless of the stage of your business cycle.

Chair -Fargo, ND

Vistage International, Inc. •


“We were kicking off a new Quarterly Educational Seminar Series for our customers and prospects and wanted both a topic with relevance and a dynamic presenter for our inaugural event, so we contacted Dyanne.  She did not disappoint!  Our attendance was more than double what we were initially expecting—a testament to the topic of exit planning and management succession—and our attendees were engaged and attentive—a testament to Dyanne’s dynamic presentation skills and her topic knowledge.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to solidify their Business Exit Plan!”

President: Lakeview Bank, MN  


Dyanne’s presentation was excellent. Very relevant, spot on and helpful to my Vistage CEO’s. They found her delivery excellent and content very helpful as they consider their exit strategy.
Thanks so much for coming out to New York!

Chair- CE 4178 - New York, NY


Dyanne is clear, concise, practical and extremely knowledgeable.  My group wanted more! She relates to her group and makes a complicated topic feel doable.  

Chapter Chair: Women Presidents' Organization


Just a quick follow up after your presentation on "Exit Planning" to my Vistage CEO Group 313 on April 10...

The presentation content and your presentation style wowed this long-time group (23+ years) of non-competing local CEOs. Exit planning is an ongoing topic of conversation among the 15 CEOs in this group, and your presentation added measurable value to that discussion. Excellent results from a memorable presentation!

Best wishes for continuing successes.

Vistage Group 313 Chairman


This is the third time we’ve asked Dyanne Ross-Hanson to speak at one of our Multi-Association Conferences and once again she delivered as usual.

Exit Planning is an extensive topic but Dyanne was able to help our members understand it, the importance of what needs to be done and why they need to take action. Dyanne brings clarity to a subject that all business owners will one day experience.

 MMCA Director: MN


"Dyanne presented "Succession / Transitions" to both of my Vistage Groups and her ratings were very high!

In preparation for those meetings, Dyanne was open to tailoring her presentation to the needs of the individual members and she was very interactive with the group during her presentation.

I would definitely recommend Dyanne as a speaker who has deep expertise in succession planning and transitions within privately owned businesses."

 Vistage Chair  - Twin Cities Metro Area


“Excellent -- No need for improvement!!”

 Vistage Group Chair, Chicago, IL


Dyanne is clear, concise, practical and extremely knowledgeable.  My group wanted more! She relates to her group and makes a complicated topic feel doable.  

Chapter Chair: Women Presidents' Organization


Great presentation! Dyanne had a masterful grasp on the information and came across very knowledgeable & credibly.

Her mission is to provide an overview of the options and pitfalls of Exit Planning and that was successfully accomplished. Content was good and provided much fodder for everyone to think about. Several members had specific “take away’ s” that they planned to implement immediately. Again, a very good presentation and I heard many positive comments from participants following Dyanne’s presentation.

Vistage Chair – CE 4080 - Covington, LA


Dyanne’s Educational Session on "Key Employee Incentive Plans, Why You Need Them & Critical Design Elements" was great. She does an excellent job educating and explaining this topic. 

Good energy and delivery of key points! Very professional and well done!



Dyanne was an exceptional speaker for our Bank’s Intellectual Capital Lunch and Learn on “Exiting Your Business”.  The information was very clear and she kept the audience engaged the entire time.  She inserts real life examples into her presentation that not only makes the information easier to understand, but also allows the attendee the ability to apply the examples to their own circumstance. 

I would highly recommend Dyanne as a knowledgeable Speaker.

Marketing & Communications Specialist - Fidelity Bank

 “This was very beneficial and Dyanne had great delivery!”

 “One of my members suggested everyone in the group watch the Key Employee Incentive/Retention video. I did that yesterday morning. Wow! Very well done and articulated! Coincidentally, yesterday afternoon I met with a potential new Vistage CE Member. As we talked, it was apparent that Dyanne’s video would help her immensely.  She is (was) days away from bringing people into the business with equity.  Following our discussion, and sharing Dyanne’s video, the owner is rethinking her strategy. And decided to become a new member of my group (Yeah!!).”

 Vistage Chair


 “Dyanne gave a very informative, interactive and energized presentation on a timely topic -

Key Employee Incentive & Retention Plans.

I found Dyanne very knowledgeable; her topic content thought provoking and recommend her highly to CEO's/Business Owners looking at ways to leverage their key talent for competitive advantage."

Group Chairman - Vistage Florida